Silver workshop ‘RAZIS’ was founded in 1915 following a family tradition
of a century of gold/silver smithing. Since then I Dionysis Razis, as the fourth
generation, I continued to have a dynamic presence in the jewelry business having gained
a loyal and growing clientele.

In 2015, along with my wife, Magda Eleftheriadou,
we decided to present to the Greek public the Italian jewelery houses Luca Barra and
Melitea Gioielli assuming their representation for Greece and Cyprus.

Clientele Manager: Dionysis Razis   6932101705

I was born in Athens in 1978 and I live in Lavrio. From a toddler I remember myself walking around
and playing in my grandfather’s photography shop (Charalambos Eleftheriadis), which opened in 1972.
Without realizing it, I started loving photography. Growing up I helped my father (Giorgos Eleftheriadis)
who continued with the same profession, and followed
training-education at the FOCUS photography school.

Along the way,  my brother was added to this photographic family
(Charalambos Eleftheriadis), a graduate of the same photography school.
Together we captured unique moments that will always remain unchanged.
Unfortunately in 2003 he left us very early. Since then I have continued what we had dreamed of together,
to photograph the most important moments of people with love and passion for what we do.

Photographic services: Magda Eleftheriadou   6974799076

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